avol mint

The ecological neutralizing agent for everyone

avol mint is a conscious neutralizing agent in powder form for applications on denim garments.

avol mint:

  • neutralizes sustainable bleaching agents, and potassium permanganate
  • is free from the risks of hydroxylamine and metabisulfite
  • has the great usability features of Avol Lime, with a 30% lower cost
  • guarantees a full compliance with Bluesign® and the ZDHC Gateway (level 3)

We care about the workers in the denim industry

The denim industry requires the production of thousands of garments every day. Mass production of clothes increases the exposure of the denim laundry workers to chemicals and the related equipment they work with. 

For this reason, Garmon's mission is to develop products that respect workers health, which reduce the risks they are exposed to every day while still assuring the high level of performance they need. 

For the neutralization step, usually performed after bleaching treatments with potassium permanganate or avol oxy white, we have already developed the highly performing avol lime, the sustainable neutralizing agent that replaces the dangerous commodities of sodium metabisulfite and hydroxylamine.

Now we are taking another step forward.
With avol mint, we are introducing a new sustainable neutralizer that avoids the risks of the dangerous commodities, at a price 30% cheaper than avol lime

Why we should replace metabisulfite?

In our industry, sodium metabisulfite is one of the most used products to neutralize potassium permanganate and chlorine, especially because of its low cost. 

However, metabisulfite has several issues:

⏤ Its strong smell is very unpleasant for workers, and compromises their safety.

⏤ If breathed in, metabisulfite irritates the nose, throat and lungs, causing coughing, wheezing and/or shortness of breath.

⏤ It may cause an asthma-like allergy. 

Why we should avoid hydroxylamine?

Hydroxylamine is also commonly used for neutralization purposes because of its performance. However, hydroxylamine is even more dangerous than metabisulfite: 

― If breathed in, it can irritate the nose, throat and lungs.

― It is classified as a dangerous good, meaning with exposure to heat hydroxylamine can explode, which causes shipping complications.

― Can cause cancer and mutagenic effects.

Avol Mint Safety Level
Avol Mint Product Performance
With marginally lower performance than the dangerous commodities, but with an extremely higher level of safety, avol mint and avol lime sustainable neutralizers preserve the health of the denim industry’s workers and reduce potential occupational injuries. 
Do you want to test avol mint in your laundry?