Company policy

Kemin Textiles Srl – a division of the global chemistry company Kemin Industries – was born from the acquisition of Garmon Chemicals along with its sister company The Italian Job. After the acquisition Garmon and The Italian Job remain as commercial brands in relation to their diffusion and reputation on the international market to be leader in R&D and marketing of chemical solutions for the garment industry. Kemin Textiles embodies a pioneering, experimental and full-scale evolution in chemistry, in the name of a better future.

Kemin Textiles is the headquarter of a group of local companies in areas of the world strategic for the business, created by Kemin Industries to support the development of Garmon in specific markets. The combination of the headquarter Kemin Textiles and the foreign divisions constitutes the business unit KTA - Kemin Textile Auxiliaries within the group Kemin Industries.

Operating in more than thirty countries, Kemin Textiles is now a network of subsidiaries and agents capable of distributing worldwide the constant stream of innovation conceived at the parent company in San Marino. Able to count on production sites as well as distribution and technical assistance centers in all the main focal points of the world textile industry, Kemin Textiles – with its brands Garmon and The Italian Job – guarantees widespread and punctual distribution of chemical products along with the relevant know-how.

All this is further reinforced by being part of the multinational Kemin Industries, a global company that uses science to reach 3.8 billion people every day with its products and services.



The markets have confidence in the technical solutions of Garmon products and The Italian Job services. We will develop and distribute the most responsible and respected chemical innovations and techniques, which will contribute to defining concepts of quality and style.


Company values


Courage and Innovation

We are intrepid pioneers. We provide our clients with the product innovation they need to achieve success. We always push ourselves beyond the limits and we challenge conventional thinking.

Conscience and Responsibility

We are committed to doing the right thing.

We are transparent and our work is deeply rooted in consistency.

We will pay feverish attention to the environment.


We put ourselves in others’ shoes.

We listen to and answer the needs of our clients, partners and stakeholders.

Speed and flexibility

We move quickly and in advance.

It is almost impossible to predict where the world will be in the next five days.

But we will be there.

Technical innovations and solutions conceived with the good of the environment in mind are what will mainly influence our businesses for the next 5-10 years.

By optimizing organization and thanks to our staff’s know how, Management pledges constant protection of the processes and activities connected in any way with the quality of products and services delivered, in full compliance with the legal requirements regarding health and safety as well as the environment. The efforts made by Management in this respect are confirmed by the implementation of the Quality Management System in accordance with ISO standard 9001:2015 and by the implementation of the Environmental Management System in accordance with ISO standard 14001:2015. We consider these certifications by an accredited third-party body of utmost importance.

Believing in the strategic importance of organizational planning, Management implements continuous engagement and training of staff at all levels: from executive to operational, whether working in teams or individually. This engagement includes sharing this policy with a view to promoting excellent client service standards and to achieving the goals that we have set for ourselves.

In accordance with this policy, Management’s commitment is focused on the following principles:

-       Sound business (turnover and operating results);

-       Client satisfaction;

-       Compliance with the applicable legal requirements and other requirements subscribed to by Garmon concerning the environment and the products we produce;

-       Systematic monitoring of the performance, efficiency and effectiveness of processes as well as the environmental aspects, with particular reference to the products we develop;

-       Prevention of pollution and any possible non-compliance with environmental laws and regulations;

-       Continuous monitoring and improvement of environmental performance;

-       Prevention and reduction of possible environmental risks resulting from new activities, available technologies and emergency situations;

-       Continuous engagement, informing and training of internal staff as well as suppliers regarding quality and the environment;

-       Ability to ensure the best technological solutions;

-       Expertise and reliability of suppliers;

-       Committed to systematically monitoring the environmental aspects of our activities and their resulting effects on the environment, with particular reference to environmental aspects and impacts arising from production activities: generation of waste, resource consumption, pollution of water resources, prevention of emergencies related to possible ground contamination; continuous improvement of quality and environmental management systems;

-       Maintaining open and constructive relations with public administration, the institutions, communities and individuals which have a legitimate interest in the environmental performance of our Company.

Accordingly, Management, with a view to continuous improvement, periodically defines and approves objectives and programs that are consistent with the principles listed above according to the following frame of reference:

-       Product quality and innovation as well as client satisfaction.

-       Environmental aspects and impacts, including those generated by the use of products made by Garmon.

In order to verify the smooth operation of the Quality System and of the Environmental Management System, as well as compliance with this policy, regular audits are carried out.

Management annually reviews the adequacy of this policy, of the Quality Management Systems and of the Environmental Management System by verifying the achievement of our annual objectives, the adequacy of resources and the course of processes, as well as by setting out any corrective or preventive action designed for improvement.

The Company Policy and the principles declared herein are disseminated internally (through bill posting) and externally to those who work on behalf of the organization by publication on the company website.

Republic of San Marino, November 20th, 2019

Kimberly Nelson

ISO certifications

ISO Certification 78335 - Kemin Textile Srl
ISO Certification 78336 - Kemin Textile Srl