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Creating the latest trends for the denim and fashion industries

Garmon Studio is the fashion lab powered by Garmon’s chemistry that bases its activity upon creativity and the freedom to experiment. 

Garmon Studio
Garmon Studio

With the same tools and equipment used by fashion brands and industrial laundries, without the constraints dictated by the production of a high volume of garments, Studio staff create everyday fashion solutions rich in style, surprising designs and amazing effects

With its flexible and quick working process, Garmon Studio can anticipate the latest trends and innovations in the denim and fashion industry, defining both the style of the garments proposed and the treatments to create them.

The outcome of this approach is to offer Garmon’s customers a powerful and useful consultancy to help them design their garments, which obtain a higher value from the use of Garmon products.

Another powerful tool within Garmon Studio is the creation of the bi-annual collections, based on the match between chemical R&D and the upcoming trends within the fashion world.

Within the archive of Garmon Studio, thousands of chemical combinations and effects on jeans and garments can be discovered.

Garmon’s customers who visit the Studio can draw inspiration for the development of a wide range of colors, patterns and styles.

Garmon Studio Collections
Garmon Studio Design Service

The strength of Garmon Studio’s fashion designers also comes from their international approach.

As Garmon serves customers from countries all around the world, the knowledge of the different apparel markets and their specific requirements is fundamental.

Studio fashion proposals and trainings are customized for any specific market, offering relevant consultancy for each customer, wherever they come from.

Fashion design and effects, while the important starting point, are only a part of the garment’s story. Finishings are applied by Garmon’s customers to millions of garments, via hundreds of processes and in a wide range of different situations.

Thus, technical know-how for applying Garmon Studio’s treatments is just as important as the style. 

Fortunately, the Studio team concentrate on the technical side of garment finishing as much as they do the design side.

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