Our History

More than 30 years in the garment finishing industry

Since its birth in 1982, the history of Garmon has been characterized by an endless flow of fashion innovations that established the company as a reference for high quality products and responsible practices. The history of Garmon is filled with breakthrough technologies through the years:


In Italy, Garmon Chemicals pioneers enzyme applications in garment processing, reducing pumice stones, saving time and improving overall quality.


In close collaboration with Levi's and Martelli Lavorazioni Tessili, Garmon Chemicals provides the required know-how for the first patented garment resination (glyoxalic resins).


The market is rocked by Garmon Chemical’s "green line," adopted by the Levi's brand as a key ingredient of its eco line.


Garmon registers a patent for legafinish fast, the breakthrough sustainable resin that sets a new technical standard with zero formaldehyde, low curing, back-end application and better cotton quality.


Garmon Chemicals launches avol oxy white, the first safer alternative to potassium permanganate for denim bleaching applications seen on the market.

During this year, GreenScreen® for Safer Chemicals - an assessment method owned and managed by the US-based NGO Clean Production Action - teams up with Garmon Chemicals to assess the very first ever range of chemical auxiliaries.


The company unveils nimbus, the original range of chemical auxiliaries and dyes specifically selected to be nebulized in closed systems.


Garmon reveals geopower nps, a highly innovative compound that, by replacing pumice stones in denim stonewashing, disrupts the entire denim value chain.

In the same year, the company is among the first organizations to enter a significant number of trade names (over 150) into ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals) Chemical Gateway.


Garmon Chemicals became part of Kemin Industries, changing its company name to Kemin Textile Auxiliaries.

In late 2018, Garmon introduces greenofchange®, a new approach to the development of chemical solutions that improves the safety and environmental performance of garment treatments.


In October, at The Kingpins Show in Amsterdam, Garmon launches the patent-pending smart foam technology, the easiest way to save water in garment finishing to date.

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