Technical Expertise & Support

Over 30 years experience, brought to you

The liberty to create reveals continuous technical challenges to overcome.

For this reason, the second fundamental purpose of Garmon Studio is to replicate the same working conditions and processes of industrial laundries, Garmon’s primary customers, in a smaller and more agile environment.

Garmon Studio works with the same equipment of an industrial laundry: different types of washing machines, tumble driers, 3D-dummies, static ovens, spray booths and so on.

Garmon Studio Laboratory

In this environment, without creative constraints and managing a very limited quantity of garments, the Studio has the power to discover and inject true innovations in garment processing.

An example? smart foam, the water saving made easy system that is revolutionizing garment finishing has been conceptualized, extensively tested, refined and improved in Garmon Studio laboratory before its launch. 

This approach helps create an extraordinary expertise in the industrial laundries business, and, through the Studio team, Garmon offers its customers a superior technical support.

Whether it’s creating a new buzz around product innovation, achieving a cost savings, or obtaining a particular finishing style in a sustainable way, Garmon Studio staff can recommend the right solution.

Garmon Studio offers many services to manufacturers:

  • individual or group trainings in the theory and practice of textile chemical applications
  • fashion and stylistic consultancy
  • outsourced design studio and collections development
  • on the ground support by local teams, all trained with Garmon Studio staff

The Studio welcomes personnel from any-sized industrial laundry to visit the Garmon Studio lab to enhance their latest creations and get the best out of Garmon products.

The solutions developed can be standard or tailor-made, meeting the needs of high-volume manufacturing or those of a small, niche fashion production.

In Garmon Studio, environmentally conscious and sustainable solutions are always suggested first, and many of the collections developed surround this important topic.

Together with the customers, the Studio continually re-imagines and re-invents the point where fashion and sustainability meet.

3D resin application in Garmon Studio laundry
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