The most relevant chemical lists in the textile industry

What are MRSLs and RSLs?

MRSL (Manufacturing Restricted Substances List) and RSL (Restricted Substances List for Finished Products) are lists created to indicate substances considered harmful or hazardous, of which should ultimately not be found on any apparel item.



targets all chemicals used in the manufacturing process of an apparel item


considers only the chemicals that end up on the finished garment


Focusing on restricted substance residuals on the final product, RSLs are important tools to ensure the safety of a garment. They are used to guarantee the compliance with Fashion Brands guidelines.

Many RSLs require also compliance with SVHC (substances of very high concern) list of REACH.

denim fabric analysis

RSLs don’t take into account the hazardous substances used in the manufacturing process, with the relative implications for worker health and environmental impact.

Prohibiting all restricted chemicals used in the process of apparel making, MRSLs represent a better approach to a wider view of sustainability.

Both RSLs and MRSLs are used by manufacturers, suppliers, brands and retailers that care about ecological aspects of the production and distribution of their products. Because many organizations publish MRSLs and RSLs, substances listed are not always the same.

Some of the most relevant lists in the textile industry are the MRSLs created by international brands such as H&M, Marks & Spencer and G-Star. Today, companies are choosing to adopt the ZDHC MRSL as suppliers are very familiar with it.
Garmon has been a pioneer in understanding the importance of using safe chemicals in the manufacturing processes of the fashion industry.
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All Garmon products currently shipped from San Marino headquarter are:

  • compliant with some of the most restrictive MRSL
  • compliant with REACH regulation

Many of Garmon's products are included in the ZDHC Gateway and they are suitable for greenofchange® processes.

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