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Kemin Textile Auxiliaries & Garmon

Garmon Chemicals, a brand owned by Kemin Textile Auxiliaries, is a leader in the R&D and distribution of chemical solutions for the denim and fashion industries.


Kemin Textile Auxiliaries provides innovative products and solutions in the industry of garment finishing, an important phase of the apparel making process.

The solutions developed by Kemin Textile Auxiliaries are dedicated to the treatment and washing of jeans and denim, and to garment dyeing.

The company, established in 1982 as Garmon Chemicals, became part of Kemin Industries at the beginning of 2018, changing its company name to Kemin Textile Auxiliaries.

Kemin Industries, a global ingredient manufacturer that strives to sustainably transform the quality of life every day for 80 percent of the world with its products and services, entered the textile industry bringing all its expertise and knowledge in chemical R&D.

The acquisition strongly improved Garmon brand’s R&D scope, commercial footprint and customer service in the textile auxiliary global market. The apparel and textile customers are still served by the Garmon brand today, with the values and benefits that they have come to expect and value over the years.


Thanks to the extraordinary results achieved, the awareness and reputation of the Garmon brand in the industry is extensive.

The innovations created by Garmon Chemicals during the more than 30 years of activity, protected by multiple patents, helped the whole industry of garment finishing to evolve and improve, establishing a relationship based on trust and respect between the company and its customers.

Today, Kemin Textile Auxiliaries operates in more than thirty countries, with production facilities in five of them.

With distribution and assistance in strategic textile areas around the world, the company ensures an extensive distribution of chemical products, technical know-how and customer support.

Through all its activities, Kemin Textile Auxiliaries operates with its strong set of values, which define the company’s vision and approach to the market.

Every Garmon product is designed around these company values. Discover them.

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