Pioneering sustainable practices in garment finishing

Sustainability is the future of the textile industry. For years, Garmon has been a pioneer in placing sustainability as the top priority for customers and brands globally.


The textile industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. Water usage and effluence pollution, energy consumption, CO2 emissions and waste production are critical threats for the planet and for future generations.

Besides the impact on the environment, Garmon saw areas for major concern regarding the effects of garment finishing processes on worker health.

Greenofchange chemical

During the creation and development of any Garmon chemical, rigorous testing is conducted in the creative lab, Garmon Studio, to test how the product would perform on a manufacturing floor, noting both chemical efficacy and worker friendliness.

Thus, all Garmon products are deemed safe to handle – not only as a necessity to work, but also as an act of respect toward our customers and their employees.

To create chemistry that can truly change the world, while delivering high fashion looks, is a pillar of Garmon’s mission and ongoing strategy.

The efforts of Garmon’s R&D has always centered on the development of sustainable products. Recognizing this important work led to the creation of  greenofchange®, the platform to enhance chemical safety and to improve environmental performance in garment treatments.

greenofchange® treatments are a combination of:

  • Garmon safe, certified product
  • processes efficient in terms of use of natural resources

This combination has set greenofchange® treatments at the top of sustainable practices in the garment finishing industry. They can be adopted by both laundries and fashion brands to improve the ecological characteristics of denim or dyed garments.

Understanding the power greenofchange® treatments have to end-consumer buying decisions, Garmon is proud to work with brands to communicate the environmental benefits of the finished garments using specific hangtags, labels or marketing visuals.

A QR code can be supplied, which will link to a webpage outlining the exact natural resources saved in the finishing of the specific garment compared to a standard process. This information can help strengthen the end consumers’ decision to purchase.

Greenofchange chemical
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