Our Values

We don’t follow the trends of the industry, we create them

We define environmentally conscious chemistry that breaks new frontiers

Garmon Chemicals is a customer-centric R&D powerhouse geared towards the creation of innovative textile solutions, with the goal of pioneering change in the garment industry.
Rooted in Italian tradition and a passion for design, Garmon has been built upon a series of main values and aspirational goals. These values are the basis for every decision made by the company.


Garmon doesn’t follow the trends of the industry, it creates them. Innovation has always been the heart of the R&D of Garmon, to stay ahead of the needs of the industry and to push the limits.

The outcome of this approach is to equip customers with the product innovations they need to be successful.


In today’s world, an innovation that doesn’t respect the environment and its people can’t be considered a true innovation. Garmon is a pioneer of sustainability, with a long history of developing eco-friendly solutions that are safe for customers, and safe for the planet.

The company’s efforts are planted in a strong sense of preservation of natural resources, thus also respecting future generations.

Quality and Creativity

While Garmon is an international organization today, it has never forgotten its roots. Style, passion for design and obsession for quality are typical characteristics for an Italian fashion company, and each solution created by Garmon follows these principles.

Garmon products are more than chemical solutions, they are a guarantee of high quality, sophisticated style and cutting-edge fashion effects.

Trust and Support

Garmon has always been a customer-centric company, and the relationship between Garmon and its customer is built upon dedication, integrity and trust.

Garmon listens and responds to the needs of its clients, partners and stakeholders, providing all of the technical support, stylistic expertise and experience that the company has achieved in the more than 30 years of activity.

Whatever the ever-evolving needs of the garment finishing industry are, Garmon will be there to help.

More than 30 years in the garment finishing business. Read our story.

Our story