avol oxy white

Ecological alternative to potassium permanganate,
for local or total bleaching of denim garments

The challenge to potassium permanganate

With avol oxy white, Garmon launches a challenge to potassium permanganate, a chemical pervasively used throughout the fashion industry, regardless of major environmental and health risks.

avol oxy white is the long-awaited response in the garment finishing industry, a safe and alternative solution for jeans and denim bleaching.

avol oxy white brings:

  • stunning quality
  • safety in handling
  • easy application
  • no tumble drying or curing required
Avol Oxy White is the safe alternative to potassium permanganate

The safe alternative

avol oxy white is free from all toxicological downsides of potassium permanganate, likes toxicity to aquatic life. It is also safer for workers’ health. 

avol oxy white is compliant with international MRSLs, bluesign® certified and classified at level 3 in the ZDHC Gateway.
In combination with avol lime, it delivers completely sustainable local bleaching, and fulfils the requirements of greenofchange®.

Potassium permanganate vs avol oxy white: eco-sustainability and hazards
hazard comparison between Avol Oxy White and potassium permanganate
hazard comparison between Avol Oxy White and potassium permanganate

How to use

avol oxy white has been developed to be compatible with the same equipment and procedure generally used in denim processing: spraying + neutralization, without additional steps.

Curing or tumble drying are not necessary and must be avoided, as they may result in cotton tearing and tensile loss. Whenever a particularly high contrast is required, we recommend to add booster ow to the solution.

How it is neutralized

To achieve the best results, a specific two-step neutralization is recommended, even though in some cases a single step could be sufficient.

To reach a completely eco-sustainable local bleaching process, Garmon recommends to replace metabisulfite with avol lime in the neutralization process of avol oxy white.

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