Decoloring agents for local or total applications

Bleaching is a chemical, or biochemical, process to degrade indigo and reduce the color of denim fabrics.

Bleaching agents remove the indigo color from denim via oxidation or reduction, giving the garment a fashion or vintage look.

Bleaching grade and discoloration usually depend on the strength of the bleaching agent, liquor quantity, temperature and treatment duration.

Traditionally, the most used substances to bleach the denim are sodium hypochlorite and potassium permanganate.

However, these substances are dangerous for wildlife, especially the aquatic fauna, and for humans.

Garmon offers complete alternative solutions for jeans bleaching, including eco-friendly products developed to respect the environment and the people. 
Garmon's bleaching products, that include the best sustainable alternatives to potassium permanganate that you can find in the market, are included in the ZDHC Gateway.

Garmon’s bleaching auxiliaries deliver:

  • faster processes
  • decrease in damage to cotton fiber
  • preservation of elastomer in stretch fabric
  • reduction of back-staining
  • minimal environmental impact

Products for Bleaching:


avol fade

Enzymatic compound for the ecological bleaching of denim. Low dosages removes back-staining from previous stone-wash treatments, highlighting contrasts on abraded areas.
  • ZDHC
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avol galaxy

/content/dam/garmon/avol galaxy finishing.jpeg

Sets a new standard for excellence in the textile industry. It is a new generation compound to achieve marble affects on dyed garments or denim.

  • ZDHC
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avol evanix

Compound for the realization of washing effects with light shades and vintage looks on denim garments.
  • ZDHC
  • Nimbus
  • Smart Foam

rebird eco-c

Laccase based powder formulation for enzymatic discoloration of denim at room temperature. Optimum working conditions: 20-40°C, pH 6-7.

rebird ox

Laccase based powder formulation for enzymatic discoloration of denim. Optimum working conditions: 60-70°C, pH 4.5-5.5.
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