avol galaxy

The sustainable marble effect

Welcome to the world of an innovative product that brings a unique effect to the washing and bleaching of jeans.

avol galaxy sets a new standard for excellence in the textile industry. It is a new generation compound to achieve marble affects on dyed garments or denim.

Why to choose avol galaxy?

It offers exceptional performance, ensuring that your garments are differentiated, with a marbled effect and a 90's look. It is a truly differentiated product that offers a range of advantages over traditional denim washing and bleaching solutions:

Superior Cleaning Performance

Different fashion effects can be achieved just by adjusting the garment pickup during the spin-dry step.

the main differenciators of avol galaxy are:

― no pumice stones or potassium permanganate

― no neutralization required

― no activators needed

avol galaxy works also on garments dyed with ovd and Hi-White dyes, enabling the creation of beautiful shades and effects.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

We care about the environment as much as you do.

avol galaxy is designed with a focus on sustainability, employing eco-friendly processes and ingredients. By choosing avol galaxy, you contribute to reducing the environmental impact of denim washing and bleaching without compromising on quality.

The composition of avol galaxy is free from any dangerous substance commonly used in denim bleaching, allowing a minimal environmental impact.

In addition:

― REACH registered

― Bluesign® certified

Gentle on Fabric

Denim is known for its durability and versatility, and avol galaxy understands this. The formulation of avol galaxy is gentle on the fabric, preserving the maximum integrity of your denim garments while effectively cleaning and bleaching them. Your denim will retain its original texture, softness, and strength, ensuring a long-lasting wear.

avol galaxy can be used on different kind of fabrics, containing elastomer or not, preserving the elasticity and the other mechanical properties.

On denim garments, avol galaxy delivers stunning “acid wash” looks, characterized by high contrasts with a distinctive fashion appeal.


Time and Cost Efficiency

avol galaxy streamlines the denim washing and bleaching process, saving you both time and money. Its powerful formulation eliminates the need for prolonged washing cycles, reducing water consumption and energy costs. 

avol galaxy:

  • works at room temperature
  • works with “waterless” application

Discover the avol galaxy difference today!

Unleash the power of avol galaxy and elevate your denim to new heights of excellence!

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