avol fade

Garmon's most ecological agent
for bleaching in bath and back-staining removal

avol fade is a compound made up of a new generation of enzymes for the ecological discoloration of denim or indigo dyed garments.

Highlights of avol fade:

  • a certified and eco-friendly agent
  • superb bleaching effect
  • fast back-staining remover
  • working at room temperature
Ecological performance of Avol Fade

Ecological Bleaching

avol fade is Garmon’s most ecological bleaching agent for application in bath.

By using avol fade, a diffused bleaching effect is visible on garments, achieving a vintage look with a grayish appearance. 
avol fade has been designed to work on different kinds of fabrics without altering mechanical resistance, while also preserving the elasticity of garments containing elastomer.

Avol Fade used as a bleaching agent
Avol Fade used as a backstaining remover

The best results are achieved when avol fade is applied after a stone-washing treatment, but for some finishing processes a simple desizing step is enough. If a bluer cast is desired, avol fade can easily be combined with Garmon’s special white lt.

Compared to other sustainable bleaching agents, such as many ozone treatments, avol fade has a stronger bleaching power.

Back-staining remover

When used at very low dosages on garments that previously underwent enzymatic washing, avol fade removes any back-staining and highlights the contrasts on abraded areas. Compared to other enzymatic back-staining removers, avol fade has an accelerated action.

Avol Fade is ZDHC Gateway Level 1

Safe Formulation

The composition of avol fade is free from any dangerous substances commonly used in denim bleaching, reducing product danger and environmental impact. 

avol fade is included in the ZDHC Gateway at Level 1 and can be used to perform greenofchange® treatments.

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