avol lime

The most ecologically advanced neutralizing agent 

avol lime is the most ecologically advanced neutralizing agent for potassium permanganate, chlorine and their derivatives, and avol oxy white.

avol lime:

  • is certified as a safe neutralizing agent
  • removes permanganate more effectively
  • provides garments with better contrasts
  • works at room temperature
  • bluesign®, GOTS certifications and inclusion in ZDHC Gateway at Level 3

Currently the most used neutralizing agents for potassium permanganate are hydroxylamine-based sulfate products and sodium metabisulfite.

Hydroxylamine was introduced in the garment finishing industry to replace metabisulfite, which causes severe irritations to the workers but, according to scientific evidence, hydroxylamine-based products are even more dangerous than metabisulfite.

Hydroxylamine vs avol lime: eco-sustainability and hazards
Avol Lime hazard comparison vs hydroxylamine
Avol Lime hazard comparison vs hydroxylamine

How to use

Neutralization through avol lime is performed similarly to a standard process: comparable dosage to hydroxylamine, same treatment time and same liquor ratio.

Compared to hydroxylamine, it has the advantage of working at room temperature.

The sustainable eco-bleaching

avol lime can replace metabisulfite in the neutralization process of avol oxy white, and the combination of the two products delivers a completely eco-sustainable local bleaching process.

avol lime and avol oxy white are compliant with ZDHC Gateway (level 1), and fulfill the requirements of the greenofchange® platform.

Do you want to test avol lime in your laundry?