Specialty Solutions

Advanced technologies for the most discerning finishes

Garmon’s specialty chemicals are solutions developed to obtain special effects in a treatment, or to enhance the performance and application of a particular product.

Garmon specialty solution allows to obtain fashion effect, such as fake patch
easyfoam and easyfoam pro, the foaming agent for Garmon Smart Foam treatments

Garmon’s specialty solutions provide:

  • fashionable effects
  • application of patches on denim or fake patch effect
  • discoloration or special dye effects

Garmon’s specialties solutions include some certified and eco-friendly products.   

Garmon's Specialty Products:

Avol Lime

avol lime

Avol Lime

The most ecologically advanced neutralizing agent. Used with potassium permanganate or avol oxy white.

  • ZDHC
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demix spw

Inorganic, inert powder used in combination with various products for special effects.
  • ZDHC


Special foaming agent specifically designed to enable smart foam treatments with Garmon products.

  • ZDHC
  • Smart Foam

easyfoam pro

Very strong foaming agent used to perform advanced smart foam treatments with Garmon products.

  • Smart Foam

fortres tap

Agent with buffering properties for pH correction.
  • ZDHC
  • Smart Foam

fst fkp/s

Compound based on reactive resins, working as a blocking agent for fake patching effects.
  • ZDHC
  • Smart Foam

HeiQ Viroblock NPJ03

Antiviral and antibacterial agent for all fiber types with a long lasting effect, even after multiple washes. Tested by Garmon for application in denim and cotton textiles.

linex add-bleach

Additive compatible with a wide range of chemicals, especially strong oxidants, for the preparation of various kinds of gel solutions.

linex add/cl

Thickening agent for local application of chlorine.


Additive for garment finishing treatments with high hygiene standards.

vz 6006

Thickening agent for surface application of oxidants and finishing agents.
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