Chemical auxiliaries designed to be nebulized
in closed systems

Minimal. Radical. Safe.

nimbus is the first ever range of chemical auxiliaries and dyes specifically designed to be nebulized in closed systems. nimbus technology delivers important advantages in terms of efficiency and effectiveness of treatments, representing a breakthrough innovation in the garment finishing industry.

Some of the benefits when using nimbus chemistry:

  • more efficient reaction between active principles and substrates
  • a variety of innovative effects on denim
  • tremendous water savings (up to 80%)
  • significant energy savings
  • optimized chemical consumption

One of the most important aspects of nimbus technology is the possibility to nebulize enzymes without any risks to the operator’s health.

The system, called nimbus-z, is designed to nebulize specially created Garmon enzymes, compatible with the technology.

Tests developed by R&D powerhouse, Novozymes, provides undisputable scientific evidences: nimbus-z approved processes* are the only processes where negligible levels of airborne enzyme are detected, creating a completely safe environment for the workers of the garment finishing industry.

nimbus chemicals for application via nebulization
*applied in specific conditions and with selected technologies
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