Reactive resins with different casts and curing temperature, including glyoxalic resins

The application of resins on jeans and denim garments creates wrinkles & creases to give a natural, vintage look that remains even after multiple home washes.

The first step is the the application of the resin solution.

After the application, a 3D effect is made manually or mechanically on the denim garment.

For jeans, this special effect is usally applied to thighs, hips and behind the knees.

The garments are then manually dried with a hot press or hair dryer and are cured in an oven at the right temperature.

Garmon’s resins have the ability to create shape memory on fabric. Once the resins are applied on garments, it is possible to:

  • create folds or permanent 3D effects
  • press the garment for anti-crease effects
  • fix the color
  • improve the scrapeability

The resins provided by Garmon, especially the glyoxalic, are offered with a wide variety of characteristics, including products certified and with zero formaldehyde, safe for humans and the environment. Our most loved resins are included in the ZDHC Gateway.

Garmon's Resins:

legaflex one

Low curing temperature glyoxalic resin, lowering damage with zero formaldehyde, improving 3D durability.
  • Nimbus

legaflex vlf

Glyoxalic resin with extremely low formaldehyde. Improved scrapeability and excellent indigo fixation.
  • Nimbus

legaflex zero

Low curing temperature glyoxalic resin, lowering damage with zero formaldehyde. Fully bleachable.
  • bluesign®
  • ZDHC level 3
  • Nimbus
  • Smart Foam
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