Performance like no other

kemzymes is a revolutionary line of enzymes created by Kemin Industries to address the needs of the denim washing industry. 

Ambition, dedication and courage.
It takes all three to create something truly innovative and revolutionary - something that stands out from the crowd. 

kemzymes is the first line of enzymes created specifically for denim garment washing, offering an unparalleled combination of sustainability, performance and cost competitiveness.

Kemzymes R&D

Ambition: the best of Kemin and Garmon

Kemin Industries acquired Garmon Chemicals in 2018 with the goal of revolutionizing the garment finishing industry. In this merged path, the science of Kemin joined the expertise of Garmon, moving research forward that was once only a dream for Garmon's customers.

kemzymes is the result of the best efforts of Kemin and Garmon combined: a self-produced range of enzymes that are not found in any other product.

Dedication: avoid the comfort zone, go the extra mile

kemzymes comes from long hours of testing and developments, both in the laboratory and in the laundry. We believe that there are no shortcuts to achieve success, especially when the goal is so ambitious.

Relentlessly tested by dedicated teams with the most modern equipment available, kemzymes looked to Garmon's historical success with enzymes and improved on every aspect possible.

The long phase of development created enzymes that, compared to Garmon's old range, offer outstanding performance at room temperature, but at a more competitive price.

Kemzymes R&D

Courage: challenge the others

The market is saturated with options that promise everything, but don't deliver. Performance was the key element when developing kemzymes. Sustainabile enzymes that offer beautiful vintage looks was the minimum - we raised the bar on everything else.

We created enzymes so precise, they outperform every popular enzyme used in the denim washing industry. Even our own.

*tests were conducted in Garmon's laboratory, comparing the abrasion performance of kemzyme ks40 with the most concentrated enzymes for stone washing supplied by leading chemical companies. The washes have been performed with a wascator, using the recommended parameters, and the abrasion of denim samples was measured by the lightness detected with a spectophotometer with the Color Space CIELab parameters. The comparison with Garmon's old line refers to powder product for stone washing comparable in terms of dosage and price range.

The Kemzymes Line


kemzymes ks


The concentrated version of our new neutral cellulase enzymes for denim stone washing. The strength of kemzymes ks eliminates the need for the use of pumice stones. Designed to work at room temperature.

  • bluesign®
  • ZDHC level 3
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kemzymes k


The new generation powder of neutral cellulase enzymes for the stone washing of denim. Starting at room temperature.

  • bluesign®
  • ZDHC level 3
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kemzyme ar

Innovative stonewashing enzyme in powder form, optimized for very low liquor-ratio applications. Produces a strong abrasion and rich contrasts on denim garments. 

kemzyme bio 1

Our innovative biopolishing agent in powder form. Great performance and superior stability than liquid formulations. Temperature range: 30-50°C.

  • bluesign®
  • ZDHC level 3

kemzyme dst

Our innovative desizing agent in powder form. Great performance and superior stability than liquid formulations. Temperature range: 30-50°C.

kemzyme ultra

Our strongest enzyme for denim desizing and stonewashing in the same bath, at the same time. Optimized for traditional bath applications. Active at room temperature, at 50°C it also performs a light bleaching of the garments.

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