kemzymes ks

The uncompromised, concentrated version of our 
new neutral cellulase enzymes for denim stone-washing

kemzymes ks are our strongest powder enzymes for denim stone washing. Designed to work at room temperature, they open the possibility to truly eliminate the use of pumice stones.

kenzymes ks ensure:

  • outstanding stone washing performance, even at room temperature
  • the elimination of pumice stones
  • wide bath temperature range for greater flexibility
  • bluesign® certification and the inclusion in ZDHC Gateway at Level 3

The best enzymes we've ever made

kemzymes ks are the best stone washing enzymes we've ever made, period.
When we decided to produce our own enzymes, we started imagining the perfect stone washing enzyme. Taking into consideration every major request received from our customers, we created it. 

From true pumice stone replacement to room temperature treatments, from shorter treatment times to lower dosage use: whatever you need, kemzymes ks have you covered.

Pumice stones? No thanks

kemzymes ks have been designed to avoid the use of the pumice stones in denim washing.

Thanks to the high concentration of our new generation cellulase, even used alone, 
kemzymes ks gives strong stone washed looks, with excellent abrasion at the panel and at the seams.

This performance improves the sustainability of your treatments and avoids the need of de-stoning garments, increasing your process efficiency. 

Your priorities are your priorities

kemzymes ks offers increased flexibility in application: great results at 30° C,  stunning power at higher temperature.

Kemzymes KS abrasion at 50° C Kemzymes KS abrasion at 30° C

On the left the abrasion of kemzymes ks at room temperature; on the right at 50° C

You only wash at room temperature?
kemzymes ks
are designed to work from 30° C,
lowering the energy consumption and aligning to the sustainability goals of your production

Productivity is what matters most? 
Increase bath temperatures and kemzymes ks will unleash performance so strong, that treatment times or dosages will decrease

Performance: our old and new range compared

The atb nlt stone washing enzymes range was already an impressive series of powder stone washing products for denim. In the new kemzymes ks products, we kept the user friendliness of our proven enzymes, but significantly increased the abrasion performance.

comparison kemzymes ks and atb nlt


In terms of abrasion, kemzymes ks 20 is 24% stronger than atb nlt at 30°C, and 47% stronger with treatments at 50°C. 

The tests were conducted in Garmon's laboratory, comparing the abrasion performance of kemzymes with previous Garmon powder stone washing enzymes in a comparable dosage. The washes have been performed with a wascator, and the abrasion of denim samples was measured by the lightness detected with a spectophotometer with the Color Space CIELab parameters.

Kemzymes Ks Products:

kemzyme ks 40

Our most concentrated kemzyme for performance without any compromise. Designed to work at room temperature.

  • bluesign®
  • ZDHC

kemzyme ks 20

The concentrated kemzyme that will suit the needs of most industrial laundries. Starts working at room temperature.

  • bluesign®
  • ZDHC
Do you want to test kemzymes ks in your laundry?