Stone Washing

Cellulase-based enzymes for stone wash treatments at
different temperatures and pH conditions

Denim stone washing is a finishing process used to give an aged and worn-out feature to garments. Additionally, stonewashing also improves the softness of jeans and denim fabrics.

Pumice stones used in '70 to give a vintage style to garments
Enzymatic denim stone wash through Garmon's products

The process of stone washing began towards the end of the 1970’s, with the use of pumice stones in a rotating drum.

As the wash drum rotates, the garments were repeatedly pounded and beaten by the stones, abrading the fibers and the indigo color. The result was a vintage look, even on new garments.

However, the sole use of pumice stone produced some disadvantages:

  • added risk of damage to garments
  • higher amount of sludge from wastewater treatment
  • increased wear of the machinery

The enzymes produced by Garmon open new possibilities by increasing the variety of achievable finishes while reducing both the environmental and physical garment risks.

Garmon’s solutions for stone washing gives a natural look to garments, maintaining high contrast on abraded areas without damaging metal parts.

Furthermore, Garmon’s enzymatic stone wash process eliminates all the issues related to the transportation, manual labor and disposal of the pumice stones.

Products for Stone Washing:


geopower nps

Liquid compound to perform single bath desizing and stone-wash treatments on denim garments at cold temperature, without the intervention of pumice stones. Optimum working conditions: 25-40°C, pH 6-7.5.
  • ZDHC
  • Smart Foam
  • Nimbus
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atb 710

Innovative liquid neutral enzyme working at room temperature, developed to highlight contrasts and scraped areas. Optimum working conditions: 25-30°C, pH 6-7.5.
  • ZDHC
  • Nimbus
  • Smart Foam

atb 96 l

Liquid neutral enzyme developed to highlight contrasts and scraped areas. Optimum working conditions: 40-55°C and pH 6-8.
  • ZDHC

atb nlt extra

Powder product based on neutral cellulase enzymes for stone-wash treatments with low back-staining levels. Optimum use conditions: 40-60°C and pH 6-8.

atb nlt/s

Enzymatic self-buffering compound for stone-wash on denim garments. Performs at low temperature and neutral pH, maintaining very low back-staining. Optimum use conditions: 40-45°C and pH 6-7.5.
  • ZDHC
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