kemzymes k

The new generation of neutral cellulase 
enzymes for the stone-washing of denim

kemzymes k are strong powder enzymes for denim stone washing. Active at room temperature, they can be used in every wash, for every brand, sustainably.

kenzymes k will give you:

  • great stone washing performance at room temperature
  • the flexibility to work with a wide range of temperatures
  • a quality / price ratio hard to beat
  • bluesign® certification and the inclusion in ZDHC Gateway at Level 3
Kemzymes K

An enzyme for every laundry and every application

Our goal with kemzymes k was to create a set of enzymes with amazing performance, but approachable for every laundry's needs.
We wanted to provide our customers something they can use every day, for every wash and for every brand, at the right price point.

The perfect combination of abrasion power, sustainable characteristics and value for money: kemzymes k are designed to become the best-seller of denim stone washing enzymes. 

Sustainable... but flexible

kemzymes k offer high flexibility in application: great results at 30° C for environmental-friendly applications, stronger abrasion at higher temperatures.

You only wash at room temperature?
kemzymes k 
are designed to work from 30° C
to lower energy consumption and to match sustainability goals of your production

You want to maximize performance? 
Delivering even stronger effects, kemzymes k allows higher bath temperatures so you can increase the abrasion or reduce the enzyme dosage.

Performance: the old and new range compared

The atb nlt stone washing enzymes range was already a great series of powder stone washing products for denim. In the new kemzymes k products, we kept the user friendliness of our proven enzymes, but significantly increased the abrasion performance.


In terms of abrasion, kemzyme k3 is 33% stronger than atb nlt extra at 30°C, and 28% stronger with treatments at 50°C. 

comparison kemzymes k and atb nlt

The tests were conducted in Garmon's laboratory, comparing the abrasion performance of kemzymes with previous Garmon powder stone washing enzymes in a comparable dosage. The washes have been performed with a wascator, and the abrasion of denim samples was measured by the lightness detected with a spectophotometer with the Color Space CIELab parameters.

Kemzymes K Products:

kemzyme k3

A new generation powder stone washing enzyme designed to work at room temperature. The good abrasion and the great value for money make it suitable for any laundry. 

  • bluesign®
  • ZDHC level 3

kemzyme k1

Great performance, small price: the new generation powder stone washing enzyme that will let even the most cost-conscious productions work with kemzymes.

  • bluesign®
  • ZDHC level 3
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