Wrinkled Metal Copy

Products used: smart foam, atb 710, metal copy, copy binder

How did we made this beautiful denim jacket? 

We started with a stone washing performed with our liquid enzyme atb 710, followed by a bleaching with chlorine. Both treatments have been performed with our patent-pending system, smart foam, that reduces water consumption up to 80% and avoids the use of pumice stones.

At this point  we applied a matte metal copy (Garmon’s special metallic foils), with a secret application of copy binder. To obtain the cracked effect you must use a secret recipe: contact us for more details!

The metallic style is a revisitation made by Garmon Studio of the traditional application of foils on denim and PFD garments, like this neon pink pant. 

While the traditional application is even on the garment surface, Garmon Studio's secret recipe resembles the effect of aging of a painted wall. With this application part of the foil unsticks, generating a unique look that mixes the garment’s fabric with the metal coil, and can be used tone-on-tone or with colors very a strong contrast. 

The result is a style very different from any conventional look!

Do you want to replicate this style?