Polymers and compounds for amazing fashion looks on jeans, denim and dyed garments

A coating is a film applied to jeans or dyed garments for a technical or a fashion look purpose.

Thanks to coatings, shiny, silver and gold, metallic or leather-like looks can be created on jeans, denim and dyed garments.

Garmon's Coating products on a pair of jeans
Garmon's Coating products on a pair of jeans

A coating can be applied on the textile garment - made of denim or other kind of fabric - by spray, brush or knife, and then dried and cured. Coatings can be transparent or colored, and they can also improve the hand feel of the garment.

A good coating will not deteriorate during home washes and will last for the full life of the garment.

Garmon’s coatings allow a wide range of fashion effects and are suitable for different kind of applications, both for denim and for dyed garments.

Garmon’s coatings offer: 

  • fashion looks made of shiny, glossy or waxed special effects on garments
  • a soft and pleasant garment's hand feel
  • excellent stability to aging and home washing

Products for Coating:

legafinish crk

Real old vintage leather look.

legafinish lsp super

Shiny and glossy special effect.

legafinish silvery

Soft and pleasant leather effect.

copy binder

Glue for the application of metal foils on the textiles.

legafinish b2

Self-crosslinking polyurethane with soft, plastic rubber-like touch for spray application on denim and non-denim garments.

legafinish lsp

Ready-to-use compound for shiny effects on garments, even without the press.

legafinish mirror

Finishing agent compound for non-transparent self polishing glossy look on garments without the use of press.

  • bluesign®
  • ZDHC level 3

legafinish mt

NMP (N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone) free polyurethane for shiny effects on garments.

legafinish spc

Compound for colored coatings on garments.
  • bluesign®
  • ZDHC level 3

legafinish un

Crosslinking polyurethane with soft and dry touch.
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