power saving

An approach to sustainability that
saves resources and reduces costs

Today the textile industry is facing many challenges

Today the textile industry is facing many challenges

The rising price of energy, gas, water, and transportation has a huge impact on the production of apparel, and the garment producers are searching solutions to maintain competitiveness.

Now Garmon is turning the Power Saving on!

Power Saving is an integrated approach to sustainability that combines processes and chemicals to save resources and reduce costs.

Saving energy

Power Saving reduces the energy consumption, especially in terms of power and fuel, by combining chemicals that work at room temperature with efficient, new processes. 

The heating of water requires a significant quantity of energy consumption, typically gas, increasing the overall cost. 

Garmon’s innovative chemicals don’t require high temperatures, lowering the fuel used in those steps up to 100% and power up to 25%.

Saving time

Power Saving’s approach replaces the steps that decrease the overall efficiency in the bulk production of apparel.

One example? Pumice stones, that require a lot of transportation efforts and a de-stoning step. Replacing pumice stones with Garmon’s kemzymes, and working at room temperature, you can decrease treatment time up to 30%. 

Power Saving also uses catalysts to boost the action of other chemicals and equipment, to save the time and the resources necessary to perform the treatment. 

Saving water

Water is the most important natural resource available, and the textile industry has a significant impact on the worldwide water consumption. 

Additionally, in many countries water is the utility cost that, on average, has grown more in the last 10 years. 

Power Saving approach uses Garmon’s smart foam technology to save up to 80% of water in garment treatments, lowering the water costs of the finishing treatments and making it more sustainable. 

Sustainability and efficiency goals can be achieved in different ways: our favorite is partnership.

Power Saving is a tailor-made approach:
we take into account your specific needs, and we design the best possible solution for you.  

By combining all the Garmon’s Power Saving solutions, a customer will save up to*:

100% of fuel,
working at room temperature

80% of water,
using smart foam 

25% of power,
reducing washing machines use

30% of time,
speeding up the cycles

*the savings have been calculated comparing sustainable and non-sustainable processes, considering only the steps that change from a treatment to another. The savings represent the maximum amount achieved in tests carried out by Garmon, based on common washes and dyeing. The rates can be even higher in industrial conditions. For an exact calculation, we must consider each customer specific situation.

Garmon, your sustainable partner.

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