The waterless softener

Soft&Dry is a innovative solution optimizes the washing process, brings a soft hand feel and shine effect!

Four great reasons to choose  Soft&Dry

  • it saves an entire washing process!
  • it inhibits color migration!
  • it has exceptional shine and soft hand-feel!
  • it is biodegradable!

Saving an entire process is inside the dryer

The great advantage of Soft&Dry is its ability to save the softener bath, which translates into savings in water, energy and other resources used in traditional methods. This innovation also reduces companies' operating costs.

Color migration inhibition

By eliminating an additional washing step, Soft&Dry eliminates the risk of color migration, particularly for indigo, guaranteeing consistent, high-quality results.

Effortless results of avol oxy jade

Exceptional shine and soft hand-feel

After softening, garments treated with Soft&Dry have an exceptional shine and soft touch, adding superior touch sensation and aesthetic value to the final products.

It is biodegradable!

One of the most notable features of Soft&Dry is its biodegradable nature, which allows for safe and sustainable disposal. This feature not only reduces environmental impact, but also simplifies waste management for textile and laundry companies.

In addition to its environmental benefits, Soft&Dry also stands out for its economic competitiveness on the market. With affordable costs and proven effectiveness, this solution offers excellent value for money for laundries and textile manufacturers.

Ready to experience the innovative benefits of Soft&Dry?