Special agents and softeners for a wide range of finishes

Softening is an important last step of the apparel finishing process, carried out to improve the overall characteristics of a garment.

Garmon softeners provide a pleasant, smooth effect to cotton and denim garments
Garmon softeners provide a pleasant, smooth effect to cotton and denim garments

Applying a softener changes the hand properties (handle) of the garment, making it smooth and giving it a pleasant touch, offering an added value that is immediately apparent to the consumer.

Softeners are also used to prevent static cling of garments, and to improve the qualities of the fabric.

Garmon provides a wide range of softeners, with different properties to suit different kinds of finishes and standards.

Some of the advantages of Garmon’s softeners:

  • avoids a yellowing effect on finished and dyed garments
  • creates excellent anti-static properties
  • efficient and uniform penetration and distribution through the fibers
  • doesn’t cause shade changes when drying
  • improves material properties as resilience, tear strength and crocking fastness
  • enhances elasticity and crease recovery of treated fabrics
  • improves the durability to home laundering

Most of Garmon’s softening products are certified, sustainable and eco-friendly, safe for humans and for the environment.

Softening Products:

elam 109

Finishing agent to prevent yellowing and provide adequate protection against ozone fading. For high quality and amine-free finishes.
  • ZDHC

elam 200 new

Fatty acid amino-derivative-free liquid softener with excellent full and soft touch. Suitable for any kind of fiber.

elam 256

Silicone polymer in aqueous solution. For any kind of fiber, producing a slippery, soft and non-fatty hand-feel.
  • Nimbus
  • Smart Foam

elam bm

Silicone macro-emulsion for an outstanding bulky, smooth and soft hand-feel.
  • ZDHC

elam cb gs

Fatty acid amino-derivative-free base, in flake form, for the preparation of cationic, anti-static softener.
  • ZDHC

elam eqb base

Fatty acid amino-derivative-free base, in paste form, for the preparation of cationic, anti-static softener. Easily diluitable at any ratio in cold water. Very soft touch.
  • Nimbus

elam rp

High affinity micro-silicone elastomer. Creates a very soft touch and elasticity.
  • ZDHC
  • Nimbus
  • Smart Foam

elam sani-tex

Cationic softener for finishes with high hygiene standards.

elam sense

Softener for high quality finishes on super and hyper stretch fabrics, compliant with regulations and brand RSLs.
  • ZDHC
  • Smart Foam

linex pe conc

High concentration synthetic resin for special finishing. Non-stiff, non-rubbery, full and draping handle.

product ppu new

Mixture of selected synthetic oils applied by spray for finishes, with very soft and slippery hand-feel.
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