avol oxy jade

The ultimate sustainable alternative to potassium permanganate

avol oxy jade is Garmon’s green alternative for outstanding and safer results!

Why to choose  avol oxy jade?

  • unparalleled performance
  • no need for booster
  • effortless results
  • ready to use
  • versatility at its finest
Unparalleled performance of avol oxy jade

Unparalleled performance

avol oxy  jade delivers a superior bleaching action, leaving your jeans and dyed garments whiter than ever before. Experience the brilliance of our green solution as it enhances the appearance of denim.

No need for booster

Our innovative formula is highly active, without the need for additional boosters. Enjoy an amazing bleaching process with avol oxy jade's exceptional efficacy.

Avol Fade used as a bleaching agent
Avol Fade used as a backstaining remover
Effortless results of avol oxy jade

Effortless results

Making the switch to avol oxy jade is effortless. The application process remains the same as always: just spray, use in bath or smart foam technology and neutralize it.

Ready to use

Unlike other alternatives, avol oxy jade is ready to use. Pre-dilution is not a requirement but is recommended depending on the desired effect. Simplify your bleaching routine.

Versatility at its finest of avol oxy jade

Versatility at its finest

avol oxy jade isn't limited to denim. It works wonders on various dyed garments as well. From jeans to colorful fabrics, achieve stunning bleaching results across the board.

Unmatched performance, environmental consciousness, and ease of use in one product.

Ready to experience the revolutionary benefits of avol oxy jade?