Saving energy in an industrial denim laundry

In a critical phase of challenges and high prices, all possible savings are welcome!

This article was made in collaboration with Francesco Romiti, Digital Marketing Manager at Garmon

The high costs of electricity and gas have been in the news all over the world. In a critical phase of the world with economic challenges and high prices, all possible savings are welcome!

In the textile manufacturing and industrial laundries, the energy expenditures are very high, and represent a big part of the expenses lists. Since there are large machines working several hours a day, operating at high power, high speed, and high temperature, a large amount of energy is inevitable, but there are solutions that can help you to reduce it.

Using less energy to perform the same task: that's energy efficiency.

Why industrial laundries should save energy and improve energy efficiency?

No matter what source of energy is used, even if they are renewable, there will always be a financial cost to use it and an environmental impact to produce it.

With that in mind, saving energy can help textile manufacturers and industrial laundries to stay competitive in the market and obtaining price advantages over competitors. 

In addition, saving energy reduces the environmental impacts, including the carbon footprint of the production! It is in line with the sustainability goals of the textiles sector around the world and could be a differentiator for the final consumers. 

How industrial laundries can save energy?

This article focuses on 3 major actions that can help the energy efficiency of an industrial laundry. Here are the actions:

1. Use chemicals that perform at low temperature

Many of the denim and jeans washing processes are performed at high temperatures to obtain more satisfactory results. Increasing the temperature of the water increases the energy use, raising the production costs and the environmental impacts. With technology and innovation, it is possible to increase the energy efficiency of those processes. Today, many alternative chemicals and enzymatic products can perform stone washing, bleaching, biopolishing and even dyeing at room temperature, and thus have economic and environmental advantages.

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2. Use more concentrated products and boosters

The use of more concentrated products can bring several benefits, including the saving of electricity and fuel. Processes can be optimized, becoming faster, and thereby consuming less energy. The addition of boosters and catalysts will make these savings even more significant, as it increases the performance of the baths. Besides that, chemical transportation costs are reduced, since the volumes are smaller. The use of concentrated chemicals is a good alternative in a moment of increasing fuel and energy prices. 

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3. Combine efficient chemistry and process

A third step to save energy and increase energy efficiency is to act strategically to combine sustainable processes with more effective chemicals. With technological advances, today there are machines that use less energy and generate great results. From washing machines and dryers, to additional technologies that promote the reduction of water and energy consumption... such as smart foam, the innovative, sustainable and easy solution to save water and energy in garments treatment. When the processes are combined with chemicals at room temperature and boosters, the resultant energy savings become very significant.

Implement smart foam to save energy and water

4. Count on Garmon to save energy and reduce costs

Garmon recently launched the Power Saving campaign focusing on chemicals that performs at room temperature, with high efficiency, shorter process times, and excellent results. Beyond that, Garmon has a line of boosters and catalysts to make baths more efficient, and consequently save energy. Finally, everything can be combined inside the smart foam technology, optimizing process and chemicals together, bringing benefits for our customers and for the environment! 

Our goal is clear: same result, less energy!

Count on Garmon to save energy in your laundry!

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