Synthetic Polymers

Synthetic polymers, including zero formaldehyde acrylic patented polymers

Synthetic polymers are man-made polymers, synthetized to obtain specific characteristics or for an application purpose.

In denim and dyed garments, they are used to obtain different effects or finishing.

Application of Garmon Legafinish Dsl and dyeing with Ovd Dyes
Application of Garmon Legafinish Fast with Demix ND50 and pigment

Based on the specific types, Garmon’s synthetic polymers offer:

  • garment scrapeability improvement
  • enhancement of contrast on scraped areas
  • realization of 3D effects, resulting in a full, swollen hand-feel
  • curing at low temperatures
  • resistance to repeated washing
  • retention of elastic properties on fabrics that contain elastomer

Among the synthetic polymers offered by Garmon, there are certified solutions developed without substances hazardous to human health.

Synthetic Polymer Products:

demix 423

Plasticized polyvinyl acetate producing a permanent, full and plastic touch.

demix be20

Plasticized polyvinyl alcohol for a full and plastic touch.
  • ZDHC
  • Smart Foam

demix nd50

Resin with neutral cast to increase denim garment scrapeability.
  • ZDHC
  • Smart Foam

legafinish dsl

Glyoxalic and formaldehyde-free formulation for permanent 3D effects with very soft touch. Overdyeable.

legafinish fast

Patented polymer for durable 3D effect with zero formaldehyde, zero damage and low curing temperature.
  • ZDHC

legafinish mar

Acrylic polymer with a full touch and medium plasticity. Self-crosslinking, used together with glyoxalic resins for 3D effects.

legafinish mir

Resin for self-crosslinking finishes with dry, stiff and shiny touch. Easy scrapeability.
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