fortres gems

Anti-backstaining in its purest form

fortres gems is a concentrated base surface active preparation with Anti-back staining action.

fortres gems ensures:

  • state-of-the-art dispersing performance
  • 100% concentration of active matter, optimizing your costs
  • complete sustainability with Bluesign® and ZDHC Gateway (level 3)

Anti-backstaining agents are one of the most used products in the denim washing industry. Since they are considered a commodity, there's a common misconception that all dispersing agents are the same.

Since anti-backstaining agents are used in almost every treatment, the impact they have in the production of denim garments is huge, both from a performance point of view and both for the logistics side. 

We designed the high quality and highly concentrated product, fortres gems, with two goals in mind: to achieve the best performance possible in the jeans anti-backstaining category, and to improve denim laundries' processes and efficiency. 

Stone washing efficiency

The stronger a stone washing treatment, the higher the indigo bleeding: this simple rule means that to have more abrasion on a denim garment, you must disperse a higher quantity of indigo in the water.
However, if you perform the treatment with a poor dispersing agent, the indigo will re-deposit on the fabric, resulting in a bluer garment. At this point, a cleaning with ozone-based treatment is usually necessary, increasing treatment times and costs.

The undesired outcome from the bad performance of a dispersing agent may decrease the performance of a stone washing treatment, reducing the overall productivity of a denim laundry. 

For a denim laundry, investing in a better anti-backstaining agent like fortres gems can reduce the overall costs of stone washing treatments, increasing efficiency.
Anti-backstaining on polyester after a stone washing treatment with an average dispersing agent Anti-backstaining on polyester after a stone washing treatment with Fortres Gems

Indigo backstaining on a jeans' polyester pocket after stone washing: on the left an average dispersing agent, on the right fortres gems

Logistic costs

fortres gems has a 100% active matter concentration. This feature has several benefits:


Compared to a diluted product, the transportation costs per kg are lower.


Product dosage is lower, so a single package lasts longer.


You can use it as it is, or you can create dilutions in your facility, without paying transport for diluted materials.

Logistics reduced costs of Fortres Gems Anti-Backstaining Agent



Compared to a diluted anti-backstaining agent, the use of fortres gems reduces logistic costs and storage occupation.


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