All in One

Multi-action compounds for single bath

All-in-one products are created to enable multiple treatments in a single bath or in a single process step. 

They allow shortened treatment times, reducing the quantity of water and energy used, improving the overall cost-effectiveness of the treatment.

Desizing and Stone Washing combined
Desizing and Stone Washing combined

Garmon's All in One auxiliaries:

  • improve efficiency of laundry processes
  • lower the quantity of water and energy used
  • avoid compromises on product performance

All in One Products:


geopower nps

Liquid compound to perform single bath desizing and stone-wash treatments on denim garments at cold temperature, without the intervention of pumice stones. Optimum working conditions: 25-40°C, pH 6-7.5.
  • bluesign®
  • ZDHC level 3
  • Smart Foam
  • Nimbus
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kemzyme ultra

Our strongest enzyme for denim desizing and stonewashing in the same bath, at the same time. Optimized for traditional bath applications. Active at room temperature, at 50°C it also performs a light bleaching of the garments.

  • ZDHC level 3

faip tiu

Multi-action product for garment dyeing.

geopower ds/s

Powder compound containing neutral enzymes for an outstanding single bath desizing and stone-wash treatment with zero-backstaining. Optimum working conditions: 40-50° C, pH 6-7.5.
  • ZDHC

geopower pfd-extra

Liquid enzymatic compound suitable for single bath pre-treatment of both woven and knitted fabrics.
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