Hockerty Chooses Garmon Studio and Chemicals For Its New Line Of Custom Jeans

The partnership allows Hockerty to create custom denim for their customers, using an average of -80% of water and -60% of energy compared to a standard processes.


Hockerty, the global e-commerce leader in 100% made-to-measure clothing, announced today the launch of a new line of entirely made-to-measure customisable jeans for men. Hockerty is the first brand to offer customers the possibility to design their own denim thanks to a unique 3D digital designer and pattern process.

Wanting to offer its customers a great combination of style, quality and sustainability, for the garment finishing stage Hockerty partnered with Garmon Chemicals, the brand owned by Kemin Textile Auxiliaries. The washing styles of the jeans have been designed together with Garmon Studio and consist of 3 different finishes, from clean (for business occasions) to vintage (with creases and fadings).

The jeans are washed with the smart foam water saving technology created by Garmon Chemicals, allowing Hockerty to create high quality denim using an average of -80% of water and -60% of energy, compared to a standard jean process in the industry.

For the fabric, Hockerty partnered with Advance Denim, one of the world's most experienced denim manufacturers, to offer sustainable fabrics.

The company plans to keep offering more style and fabrics options in the upcoming weeks, as well as there are plans to launch a women's denim line before the end of summer.

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