Garmon and Soorty team up to Revolutionize Denim Laundry Practices with Sustainable Smart Blue Innovation

Revolutionizing Garment Finishing via Future-Proof, Environmentally and Socially Responsible Innovation.

Soorty, Pakistan’s largest vertically integrated denim company has partnered with Garmon, a leader in chemical solutions for denim and fashion industry, on their SMART BLUE project, a future-proof innovation revolutionizing denim laundry. SMART BLUE is a collaborative technology crafted by a strong partnership that brings together the high-level of engineering know-how of Soorty and Garmon.

SMART BLUE – the newest pillar of Soorty’s Smart Laundry set up reduces the use of water and implements zero discharge of hazardous chemicals. This concept features patented technology, minimizes the use of natural resources, and transforms sustainable garment manufacturing at scale.

SMART BLUE makes transferring chemicals easy and allows savings on water, energy & manpower. Denim laundries have a critical role in water pollution and depletion of natural resources and Soorty is committed to sustainable garment production at scale for denim pieces that look & feel fashionable, while respecting our planet by using its resources smartly. 

“Over the past years we have been investing in disruptive technologies and developed environmentally and socially conscious denim laundry systems reducing the use of water, hazardous chemicals and energy and a strong focus on the human value, ensuring workers health & safety.", says Soorty

SMART BLUE features three key elements:

  • - Chemicals are carried on to the garment via Garmon’s smart foam technology instead of water. This saves an average of 80% of water per laundry.
  • - All the processes are conducted in room temperature with minimal steps, keeping the energy need extremely low.
  • - Chemicals are loaded up to 3x faster in minimally designed steps, resulting with time reduced labor time and increased efficiency.

“We think that SMART BLUE adds value to garments in both tangible and intangible ways. First, we can measure water, energy and time saving steps, while also eliminating all types of hazardous chemicals and accessories, such as pumice stones. But we can also craft interesting marketing appeal to these garments for our brands and end-users. Consumers today understand water is a big concern for the fashion industry and utilizing the foam as a replacement is an easy-to-understand aspect for the conscious customer.”, says Kimberly Nelson, President of Garmon.

On the finished denim, measurements are made IRL and the viewer can see their impact transparently and easily by scanning the QR code of each wash. Environmental savings by SMART BLUE are substantial. Although they vary from wash to wash, one in particular annually saves 146,250,000 liters of water.

This can fill 58.5 Olympic sized swimming pools while also saving enough energy to compensate for CO2 emissions from 121,730,016 smartphones charged, this is equal to Carbon sequestered by 15,783 trees seeding grown for 10 years.

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