greenofchange® is Garmon Chemicals' product platform dedicated to its most innovative and advanced projects. A greenofchange® initiative matches technical mastery and respect for the planet. Every technology and product that displays the greenofchange® logo is a beacon of true inspiration, capable of providing an answer to international and cross-industrial calls for sustainability.

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nimbus is the first ever range of chemical auxiliaries and dyes specifically selected to be nebulized in closed systems. nimbus chemistry allows for tremendous energy and water savings (up to 80%). Furthermore, nimbus chemistry delivers enhanced viscosity and fluid dynamics of the formulations selected for nebulization. This translates into more efficient contact and reaction between active principles and fibers, as well as an optimization of the chemical consumption.

nimbus-z is the 3rd revolutionary wave in garments stone washing, which takes us from solid and liquid age to nebulization age.
Within the nimbus platform, nimbus-z is a range of processes that, for the first time, allows for safe enzymatic spraying onto apparel. Undisputable scientific evidences show that ignorable levels of airbone enzymes are detected out of specific combinations of Garmon chemistry with dedicated technologies.

GreenScreen Certified™
GreenScreen CertifiedTM
GreenScreen Certified™ builds on GreenScreen® for Safer Chemicals, the globally recognized tool for chemical hazard assessment that encourages the design and use of inherently safer chemical ingredients. GreenScreen Certified™ is owned by the NGO Clean Production Action (CPA) and Garmon Chemicals is the first one to introduce this certification to the apparel industry.

GreenScreen Certified™ is what ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals) recommends as one of the best tools to assess the safety of chemicals and one of the tools of their Chemical Gateway.
Transparency - GreenScreen® is open and freely accessible. This is a key feature which sets it apart from all other certification protocols which are property of specific associations or companies.

Disclosure - Garmon Chemicals changes the paradigm and believes that, in order to meet customers’ expectations, better insights into chemical formulations are needed, rather than focusing on which chemicals to restrict.

Design tool - GreenScreen® lets brands be counted as leading design and ethical icons, showing the world that responsible developments and production with zero aesthetical trade-offs are now possible and cool.

avol oxy
avol oxy white
avol oxy white is the innovative bleaching agent designed to obtain localized effects on denim. Its composition makes it an ecologically advanced product with minimal environmental impact.
With avol oxy white, Garmon Chemicals launches a challenge to potassium permanganate, today pervasively used throughout the whole denim industry, but with many risks to health and to the environment. avol oxy white is the long awaited response for an alternative solution to jeans bleaching.

Main benefits:
  • Free from manganese compounds, chlorine, iodine and bromine
  • Stunning quality and perfect used look of the final product
  • Safe to handle
  • Easy to apply

The superior toxycological qualities of avol oxy white is proven by its GreenScreen® certification.

Garmon Chemicals brings to the market a set of process innovations that are driven by GreenScreen® chemistry and that allow for important process optimization.
optima delivers what the industry asks for and that is production practices that combine:

eco-efficiency - water and energy saving
eco-toxicity - very low chemical hazard

While reducing resource use and environmental impact, optima helps make business more profitable and competitive.

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